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Health and Safety, Complicated, or Simple?

Interesting point from the HSE… Health and safety does not need to be complicated. Recently we assisted Clients that had been advised that they were in breach of law and they could be going to prison; if they do not have a written down health and safety management system. As all health and safety professionals are aware. It is ‘not’ required by law to have a written documented health and safety management system. However, they are required to take logical steps to make suitable arrangements to discharge their duties as an employer. Our Client is a small contractor not wishing to gain accreditation for 18001 or SSiP as it would not benefit them for their existing work. They presented a range of documents, procedures and associated monitoring arrangements that demonstrate their compliance with the required legislation they were obliged to comply with for their day to day activities. They were told that because they did not have a single document that linked all these procedures together they were in breach! Advice like this (scare mongering) makes health and safety complicated and health and safety professionals a bad name! If this kind of advice has affected you, please feel free to get in touch for a general chat or guidance.

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