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CPCS Training Courses



A02 Crawler Crane

A04 Tower Crane

A05 Dragline

A06 Concrete Pump

A09 Forward Tipping Dumper

A10 Excavator 180 Below 5 Tonne

A12 Excavator 180 Above 5 Tonne

A14 Rough Terrain Masted Forklift

A15 Forklift Side Loader

A16 Industrial Forklift Truck

A17 Telescopic Handler

A18 Reach truck

A19 Grader

A20 Hoist

A21 Wheeled Loading Shove;

A22 Tracked Loading Shovel

A23 Skid Steer Loader




A24 Motorised Scraper

A25 MEWP Scissor

A26 MEWP Boom

A27 MEWP Mast Climber

A30 Piling Rig (Tripod)

A31 Ride on Roller

A32 Soil Landfill Compactor

A33 Agricultural Tractor

A34 Crawler (Tractor / Dozer)

A35 Crawler (Tractor / Side Boom)

A36 Lorry Loader

A37 Trencher

A39 Skip Handler

A40 Slinger Signaller

A41 Loader Compressor

A42 Crusher

A43 Screener




A44 Concrete Pump Trailer Mounted

A45 Piling Rig - Driven  Below 15 T

A46 Piling Rig - Driven Above 15 T

A47 Piling Rig - Bored Below 15 T

A48 Piling Rig - Bored Above 15 T

A49 Loader Securer Non STGO

A50 Loader Securer STGO

A56 Dump Truck Articulated Chassis

A57 Dump Truck Rigid Chassis

A58 Excavator 360 Below 10 T

A59 Excavator 360 Above 10 T

A60 Mobile Crane

A61 Appointed Person

A62 Crane Operations Lift Supervisor

A63 Ped. Operated Tower Crane

A65 Demolition Plant

A66 Compact Crane

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