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Franklin Safety Services are fully experienced and coherent in all aspects of Construction Safety, Health and Environmental legislation. We have worked with a wide range of Principal Contractors and Contractors on projects varying in size and complexity to ensure they are fully compliant with legislation by:


Pre-Construction Phase

  • Required notifications to authorities (F10)

  • Review Pre-Construction Information provided by Client, Designers and the Principal Designer for completeness

  • Assist in applying the principles of prevention to existing designs provided as part of the contract

  • Contractor and designer assessment for competence and capability

  • Apply a tracker process for the development of Health and Safety file information


Construction Phase management and safe systems of work

  • Production of Construction Phase Plans on Contractors and PC's behalf

  • Production of on-site health and safety management system to compliment the Construction Phase Plan

  • Proactive and Reactive Safety, Health and Environmental monitoring throughout project (SHE inspections)

  • Assist in developing relevant management plans, such as:

    • Temporary Works Management / Register

    • Lifting operations

    • Construction Environmental Management

    • Fire and Emergency

  • Assisting in the development of the Health and Safety File from information supplied by sub-contractors and suppliers


Facilitation of Design Risk Management where the Principal Contractor is appointed as the Principal Designer

  • Management documents to evidence planning, managing, coordinating and monitoring design Pre-Construction Phase activities

  • Assist in Temporary Works management (Design brief, registers and permits)

  • Producing Pre-Construction Information documents for design activities

  • Reviewing and monitoring Skills, Knowledge, Experience and organisational capability of designers tendering or appointed

  • Effective facilitation of Health and Safety File collation, review and production 


Collation of information for Health and Safety files and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) manuals

  • Review existing files and O&M

  • Provide assistance to collate information

  • Provide a performance tracker to advise on outstanding information

  • Develop the final file with O&M’s for handover


Assist in the development of Safe Access and Maintenance Strategies and procedures

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