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Construction Design and Management CDM
























Franklin Safety Services are fully experienced in construction management focusing to assist in facilitating the requirements of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations. We have acted as previous CDM Coordinator and now as a CDM Advisor ensuring Clients, Designers, Principal Contractors and Contractors (duty holders) fully comply by:


  • Ensuring the elimination of bureaucracy throughout projects


  • Advise and assist Clients with his or her duties Notification of project to HSE


  • Development of Construction Management Arrangements for project delivery ('Client Brief')


  • taking an active role in planning, managing, coordinating and monitoring project activities


  • Coordinating health and safety aspects of design work and cooperate with others involved in project


  • Facilitate good communication between Client, Principal Designer (CDM Coordinators during transition), Designers, Principal Contractor and Contractors


  • Liaising with Principal Contractor on ongoing design (including Temporary Works)


  • Identifying, collecting and passing on Pre Construction Information


  • Undertaking and reviewing duty holders capabilities


  • Ensuring Design Risk Management and Risk Identification


  • Reviewing Construction Phase Plan


  • Prepare and update Health and Safety files


  • Advise on Safe Access and Maintenance strategies


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